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The Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Inc, founded in 2004, is an independent not-for-profit organisation of Technical Analysts participating in the financial services industry.

APTA facilitates the exchange of ideas in Technical Analysis and Financial Markets and encourages members to aspire to the highest level of professionalism in our discipline. We bring together accomplished professional and non-professional financial markets Technical Analysts to engage in networking and thought-provoking meetings.

APTA also strongly encourages the education of participants in the financial services industry and the application of technical research in the formulation of investment and trading decisions.

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 **[Click here to join APTA](<https://www.notion.so/Membership-8465c40c1a7747d493f0bbede70079e8>)**

Network with your peers

Increase your knowledge

Two levels of membership

Bi-monthly meetings

No broker affiliations

APTA has two main categories of membership:

Associate and Professional

Associate membership is open to any person who has an identifiable interest in Technical Analysis and has a desire to advance their skills within the discipline whilst Professional membership is open to any person who sources a significant proportion of their income from the application of Technical Analysis.

Professional membership entry requirements are rigorous, ensuring that members are proficient and set the highest standards of practice and ethics.  Our members have roles in the financial services industry as analysts, advisors, traders and money managers.

Meetings are held bi-monthly in the central business district.

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