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Spotlight On … Christian Tharp and Adam Mesh

Click here to view on YouTube. How to Identify the Number-One Trade Every Week Christian Tharp, CMT, is Chief Market Strategist for the Adam Mesh Trading Group. Adam Mesh has been featured in Fortune Magazine for his trading accomplishments as well as his training results. Together, they teach you the simple routine they use for […]

CFTC Weekly Positions Report: Safe Haven with a twist

http://www.fxstreet.com/analysis/cftc-weekly-positions-report-safe-haven-with-a-twist-201607111352 Latest CFTC positions data, published on Friday, reveals moderate defensive positioning by leveraged type account (speculative investors), with the usual Safe Haven suspects (Precious Metals, US Treasury Bonds, Yen and VIX) gain ground in term of long speculative positions. Having said that, two assets stand out, the Mexican Peso and the Canadian Dollar. Both […]

Gold Fever

http://stockcharts.com/articles/wyckoff/2016/07/gold-fever.html by Bruce Fraser My grandfather and great grandfather were gold miners. They took their ‘grubstake’ to Alaska and the mountains of California. After many adventures they succeeded with a small working gold mine in Northern California. You should know this when reading this post as, by heredity; I may have a touch of ‘Gold […]

Spotlight On … Marc Chaikin

How to Turbocharge Your Stock Trading by Combining Fundamentals and Technicals Click here to view on YouTube.

Next APTA Meeting – Tues 2nd August 2016

Tues 2nd August 2016 The next meeting of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Incorporated will be held at the City Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt St, Sydney, at 6pm on Tuesday 2nd August  2016. * Please note that APTA and MTA members receive 3 Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CMT and AMT […]

Nonfarm Payrolls + currencies: How to trade the US employment report

Have you ever wondered why the market reacts as it reacts to the US NFP? FXStreet Chief Analyst Valeria Bednarik explains why is that sometimes the dollar falls on a good reading? what do salaries have to do with the FED? Why is that some currencies rally, and others remain neutral? All these questions and […]

10-Year T-Bond Buyers Are Exhausted

http://seekingalpha.com/article/3983212-10-year-t-bond-buyers-exhausted by Andrew McElroy Long/short equity, long-term horizon, medium-term horizon, short-term horizon Originally published on Seeking Alpha   Summary A rare signal suggests the rally in bonds will pause. The bond market declined after good news last week. Markets can pull back simply because buyers are exhausted. There are numerous reasons why a market may top. […]

Cyclical chart analysis points to a slide in equities in June – will it happen this year?

Ron William, ECU Group, says the biggest seasonal drop, which occurs in June, is almost upon us. Ron looks at the projected roadmap and adds that we are also now fully in the ‘lame duck’ part of a US presidential cycle. Click here to view on YouTube.

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