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APTA and CMT Association FAQs

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APTA and CMT Association FAQs

What is the CMT Association and what do they have to do with APTA? 
CMT Association information Click here.
APTA and the CMT Association have a strategic partnership in Australia, offering honorary membership to CMT Association members.

How can I learn more about theCMT Association ?
Watch the following short video

What are the benefits of an APTA or CMT Association Membership ?
The three main benefits of an APTA or CMT Association membership are:
1. Qualifications – CMT Examination (CMT Association) or AMT – An APTA qualification.
2. Education
3. Networking

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What qualification does APTA offer?
APTA qualifications

What is the value of the CMT examination ?
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What is the structure of the CMT examination ?
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How can I get detailed information about the CMT examination ?
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The educational resources of the CMT Association are available to APTA members by registering at the APTA website.

The 8 sources of education for an APTA or CMT Association member:

1.  Student Newsletter

2. Knowledge Base

3. Educational Webcasts

4. Podcasts

5. Journal of Technical Analysis

6. CMT Newsletter

7. CMT Association Library

8. Technically Speaking Newsletter


Who presents to the APTA Meetings ?
Institutional Traders & Analysts (banks, hedge funds, brokers) and APTA members present their trading and analysis techniques.

APTA Meetings are free for APTA and CMT Association members to attend.

What are some of the benefits of attending APTA Meetings ?

Educational content (learn new market strategies)
Networking opportunities (meet people in the industry and exchange business details)

Exceptional Education, Meaningful Mission

Posted November 7, 2017 By

Have you ever wanted to be a part of an organization with clarity of purpose? With international reach and growing global membership? With integrity and core values you agree with? Do you desire to give back to the industry and take part in a mission driven body of professionals managing market risk?

Through your participation in various events, we know you recognize the educational benefits of membership. As an investment professional, we encourage you to take the next step as an advocate of professional ethics, accountability and competency. The next 50 years of the CMT Association will depend on even greater engagement from the investment industry and professionals like you.

The Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA), in association with the CMT Association drives value through three main areas: the CMT curriculum, educational programming, and our growing professional network:


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