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After nearly 50 years of service to the financial industry, the Market Technicians Association proposes that we become the CMT Association. The Association’s leadership including Board Members, founding members, and senior staff, recommend that members approve changing our organization’s name. Having carefully considered all implications of the legal name change, the leadership feels that it is imperative to rationalize the number of acronyms out in the industry. We hope you’ll read the description below of the rationale and view the short presentation above. We’ll need your feedback on this proposal before we introduce the new brand to the industry. Pending approval by a vote of the Membership, you’ll see the new look and name anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, publications, digital webcasts, and on our social media outlets including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You will see new signage and materials at your local chapters, as well.

The new brand name better matches what the Association has become: the provider of the preeminent global designation for financial professionals committed to advancing the discipline of technical analysis. When our Association began, we operated for years without a credentialing body, exam process, or even a formal charter. Since our legal incorporation in 1973, we’ve been the Market Technicians Association, but the Chartered Market Technician designation was not offered until 1988.  Over the years, we preserved the MTA name and did not consolidate the branding of our two acronyms – MTA and CMT.

Today, the CMT Program is central to every initiative and represents the professional identity of nearly all our Members. The new name reflects our continued commitment to our global members and unique capability to advance the discipline of technical analysis among industry professionals. This name change allows us to consolidate the MTA and CMT acronyms to improve our brand recognition and elevate the prominence of our CMT charterholders’ designations worldwide.

Our rebranding effort intends to align with industry best practice. In our field, other notable organizations are designation-centric, such as the CFA Institute, CFP Board, and CAIA Association. We also aimed to reduce confusion in the marketplace around our multiple acronyms, and better match our name to our core value proposition and the constituents we serve. A small team of staff and volunteers worked with professional designers to create something crisp, approachable, professional, modern and connected.

CMT Association Logo

proposed logo as part of 2017 brand recommendation

The “M” of the logo creatively represents a bar chart, but it’s stylized and emphasized through color to connote the importance of “Market” within our name. The study of price behavior is about markets in comparison to the study of fundamentals and the assessment of companies. Our decision to use the acronym in the logo was also inspired by the diversity of our members. A “CMT” is a portfolio manager, a research analyst, a financial advisor, an asset allocator, a quantitative trading system developer, and many more things – but always a professional committed to advancing the discipline of technical analysis and upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry.


Description of design choices


We hope you like this new look for the CMT Association and welcome your feedback through this brief survey. Look out for more updates and a broader industry presence as we continually try to better serve our members with the preeminent global designation and highest member value in all our programming and initiatives.

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