FINAL BOOKINGS TODAY! – 10th Annual APTA Luncheon – Let’s Celebrate!


Next Meeting

Tues 7th June 2016


The next meeting of the Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Incorporated will be the 10th Annual APTA Luncheon to be held at the City Tattersalls Club, 194 – 204 Pitt St, Sydney, at 12noon on Tuesday 7th June  2016.

* Please note that APTA and MTA members receive 3 Continuing Education (CE) Credits for the CMT and AMT qualifications for attending the meeting.


Henry Jennings – Market Commentator and Strategist, Marcus Today.


Trading Volatile Markets in a Brave New World

Trading Volatile Markets in a Brave New World


Henry Jennings has had an extensive career in stockbroking since 1980, working in London as an options trader and a Member of the London Stock Exchange before emigrating to Australia in 1989.

He was employed for 7 years by Macquarie Group as Head of Cash and Derivative trading in Sydney before moving into institutional sales and private client broking.

Henry is now a senior market commentator and strategist for Melbourne based financial newsletter and regularly appears on the Sky Business News channel as a guest host. He is also a regular guest on ABC Business and ABC Radio, together with a regular finance show on Newcastle radio.

Henry is active on the speaker circuit working with Symposium and other industry groups presenting insights and commentary on current market conditions.

Besides being a stockbroker, market commentator and market strategist, Henry has also run educational courses for students across the country and worked in close association with the Australian Shareholders Association.

He has the RG146 in equities and ADA1 for options advice qualifications.

Henry is a well-respected commentator and his mission is to try to make complicated financial news accessible and easier to comprehend.

Having spent a lifetime in financial markets from a trader to client adviser and currently a full-time writer and commentator, he can draw on over 35 years of experience, both here in Australia and London together with an extensive network of industry peers to try to make sense of the current challenging market conditions.



New members $130 (with one year’s membership fees)

Non-members $80

A code has been sent to members to obtain the $80 DISCOUNT.

This code is non-transferable and may only be used for an APTA or MTA member. Members’ guests do not receive a discount.

Non members will receive the discount code on payment of the annual membership fee of $130 should they join and pay the annual fee prior to 2 June 2016. This will entitle them to membership of APTA until 30 June 2017.

All members and non-members must register and pay prior to the event. Late registration will not be accepted.

Members and non-members WILL NOT be admitted without prior registration and payment.

Payment WILL NOT be accepted at the event.

APTA and MTA members also MUST register.

Eventbrite - 10th Annual Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Luncheon

MTA Members:

Following a collaborative agreement between the Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Inc and the Market Technicians Association (MTA), members of the MTA receive honorary APTA membership and are entitled to attend all APTA meetings. The APTA Management Committee extend a warm welcome to our MTA colleagues.

APTA Meeting FAQs:

How can I attend APTA meetings?

APTA and MTA members may attend normal meetings at no charge. APTA and MTA members may attend the Annual APTA Luncheon and Christmas Party at a discounted price. 
Non APTA and MTA members may also attend normal APTA meetings but must register and pay $30 on-line prior to the event. Registration for the Annual APTA Annual Luncheon is more expensive and will be announced in a timely manner by the Committee.

Can I pay APTA at the door to attend a normal meeting?

No. Unfortunately, all guests must register and pay online at least 2 hours prior to the meeting. Payments can not taken at the meeting and any non member who has failed to register and pay will not gain admittance.

Can I pay APTA at the door to attend the Annual APTA Luncheon?

No. Unfortunately, ALL attendees (including APTA and MTA members) must register and pay online at least 2 days prior to the luncheon. Payments can not taken at the luncheon and any person who has failed to register and pay will not gain admittance.

How can I get the details of the event ?

Details are available at the APTA website at .

How can I be notified of upcoming meetings ?

Join the APTA Newsletter mailing list at .

Could I invite a friend / colleague to come along to an APTA meeting ?

Of course. If you have any friend / colleague that may be interested in attending as well, feel free to invite them, but please remember that they must register and pay prior to the event.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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