Will Slatyer Elected The First APTA Life Member

The Management Committee of The Australian Professional Technical Analysts (APTA) Inc are pleased to announce that Mr. Will Slatyer was elected as the first Life Member of the Association at a recent meeting.

Will Slatyer First APTA Life Member

After 50 years of interaction with the markets, Will Slatyer, has decided to put away the pencil and ruler and turn off the calculator for good.

APTA members thank Will for his contribution to Technical Analysis in Australia and to also for his support of our Association.


Will is a founding member of the Australian Profession Technical Analysts Association (APTA) and the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA).

When he started in the markets, financial deregulation was still some pie in the sky. He’s seen it all change and has been there for his clients, his employers and for us, passing on his abundant wisdom.

Starting his financial markets career with a Japanese trading house in managing wool and foreign exchange risk, Will gained much experience as a commodities merchant, futures broker, merchant banker and financial markets risk consultant. He created a commodity futures broking division for a leading Australian stock broker and later started his own risk management consultancy.


He has written a number of books including Trading Asia-Pacific Financial Futures Markets with Edna Carew, The Speculative Strategist: High Returns from Controlled Risk Strategies in Stock and Futures Markets, The Debt Delusion: Evolution and Management of Financial Risk and most recently, branching out to broader themes in Life/Death Rhythms of Ancient Empires – Climatic Cycles Influence Rule of Dynasties.

Will has been a regular presenter in forums in Australia and Asia.

His career is littered with successful calls on the markets, including:

  • Predicting the devaluation of Sterling in 1967
  • Calling the boom and bust in Gold in 1979/80.
  • Forecasting the end of the Wool floor price in 1989
  • The T-Bond crash of 1994

On behalf of the members of APTA, we thank Will for his considerable contribution over a long period of time. It has been highly valued by his colleagues.


1967 – predicted the devaluation of the British pound as the first major currency correction since 1949

1971 – correctly forecast the wool boom and subsequent 1973 bust

1976 – forecast boom in cattle prices

1979 – forecast gold boom

1980 – correctly anticipated gold crash of $200 per ounce on February 22, 1980

1984 – correctly advised against Swiss Franc borrowing by New Zealand and Australian businesses

1987 – predicted the largest stockmarket crash since 1929 at a seminar two days before Black Tuesday

1989 – forecast that the Australian Wool Reserve Price scheme could not be maintained

1992 – forecast the withdrawal of the British pound from the E R M and accompanying devaluation.

1993 – forecast that concentration of the Bundesbank on overcoming German inflation would stress

the unity of the EEC move to a single European currency

– forecast that the Japanese yen would rise to one US cent in 1993 and higher in 1994

1994 – forecast United States T-Bond crash

1995 – forecast US dollar crisis in 1998/99

– record peak in US cotton prices

1996 – forecast Japanese monetary system crisis 1997/98

1997 – May/Nov – correctly forecast international stock market crises triggered by actions in Far East.

1998 – correctly forecast continued Asian economic woes and US/UK/Australian stock downturns.

US stock crisis due last quarter 1998 (actual 30days earlier)

US dollar crisis; Australian dollar gold and base metals rise due first quarter 1999

2000 – forecast world stockmarket crisis 2000

2002 – forecast world stockmarket upturn and US dollar fall

2007 – forecast debt crisis – book “The Debt Dilemma”

2014 – forecast stockmarkets peak

2014 – forecast US decline as dominant culture 2020-2028 to be replaced by China

2015 – forecast major extended stockmarkets’ fall – possible recession


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