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The MTA is pleased to announce the release of our custom curriculum for the CMT Program!Published by John Wiley & Sons, the new eBooks streamline the CMT curriculum into concise volumes – distinct for each level of the exam. Candidates can work from a comprehensive body of knowledge in a single place. Additionally, our curriculum revision has reduced the total page count for each level by eliminating redundant coverage in the prior collection of required readings, making candidates preparation more efficient.

CMT Level I, Level II and Level III ebooks are now available for purchase through John Wiley & Sons

The curriculum is being released in electronic format only for this administration. Wiley’s digital platform, VitalSource, provides eReader textbooks that will help you study smarter and quickly find the information you need. They are convenient to buy (and carry) – no queues, no waiting, no shipping fees. E–textbooks also save on resources, eliminating the need for much of the material and transportation that goes into manufacturing hardbound books. Here are answers to the top 5 questions from VitalSource®:

1) How are these e-books different from print books?
Books in the VitalBook format have the same content as print books plus interactive features that can help you study:
· Highlight and make notes in multiple colors
· Search for terms and topics in the book and across multiple books
· Share notes and highlights – with friends, classmates and even instructors
· Customize your view – change font size, layout and even colors

2) Can I work offline?
Yes, you download your books, so you can work anywhere you can take your electronic device

3) Is it possible to print? How about copy /paste?
The ability to print, copy and paste is built in. To protect publishers, the number of pages that you can print or copy is fixed to 100 pages. A reader can print one chapter at a time and all chapters are under 100 pages. Note: when you copy/paste, the works cited annotation conveniently stays with it, handy for citing sources.

4) Can I have my books on two devices?
Yes – to make it convenient, your books can be used simultaneously on two devices at any given time.

5) What if I buy a new computer or my hard drive crashes?
Relax! Unlike losing a print book, if your device is lost, broken or you upgrade, you can contact VitalSource to update your license and your books will be restored.

Thank you for your patience during this transition as we elevate the professionalism of the CMT designation. The candidate experience is our highest priority. We wish you success in your studies and welcome your feedback in the months ahead.

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