Mastering the Present Moment in Trading

Rande Howell

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This video describes the traders state of mind in the Present Moment. Anxiety or impulsiveness is about the future or past. These diminish the mind that manages uncertainty, while the mind focused on the Present Moment enhances probability.

About Rande Howell
A Very Different Approach

Rande Howell has more than 15 years of practice as a licensed therapist with a Masters in Counseling. In addition to this, he has worked for many years as a personal development coach teaching individuals how to affect positive change, peak performance, personal growth, and leadership potential.

His work centers on how to break the fear-based, self limiting patterns to which the brain adapts us for survival and how to reorganize the self to a higher level of functioning. This is accomplished by learning how to manage biological fear (and its impact on thought) and thus access much more empowered parts of the self that shift our capacity for positive performance. (Most traders trade in a state of fear, so they never can open the possibility of performing on a higher level.)

Rande’s work teaches you how to change the way you understand and work with your biology; which allows you to succeed in regulating your emotions and breaking out of life-limiting patterns (really important in trading success). His emotional regulation training has been used to treat violent prisoners, break the cycle of domestic violence, and free people from the limitations of fearful thinking.

His belief is that, until you understand the power of your biology and how to manage it, you will be overwhelmed by it.  Momentary success will be sucked down the drain of the pattern-making machinery of your brain.  To break free of old limiting patterns, you must reorganize the brain — not the mind.  The mind follows the brain.  What does this look like?  Go to any standard motivational seminar and feel the emotion — it feels like you can change the world and it will last forever.  Then where are you 4 weeks later (or less) — back to the same old place.

His work with traders began when one came to him seeking improvement in his trading performances.  Applying his emotional regulation and peak performance training to the trader’s lack of performance produced a dramatic impact on the trader’s fortunes.  More traders showed up seeking training due to this success.  And now he is expanding his focus on developing this aspect of his peak performance coaching.  What Rande likes about working with traders in particular is that they are motivated.  Being successful and making money is survival for a trader.  They are willing to do the work that is required to reorganize their personal psychologies in order to be successful in trading.  Whereas many people outside of trading can avoid the real work of transforming themselves — traders (if they want to survive) cannot afford this deception.

Rande is the author of three books and maintains both a counseling and personal development practice in Charlotte, NC. He is married to his best friend and takes great joy in his two grown children.

J. Rande Howell

6047 Tyvola Glen Circle
Box 123
Charlotte, NC 28217
704 996-8438
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